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[[Nicole Duncans office, Nicole, Fred Physarum and Jason "Fooker" Barker is present]]
Nicole: Fred, I think you're missing my point. To prove this isn't libel, you have to prove the attempted murder claim is true.
Fred: No, I GOT that, and I SAID I can prove it.

Nicole: No, you're not. Murder is defined as the willful killing of a PERSON with malice aforethought.
Fred: EXACTLY. Trent knew PRECISELY that the bleach would kill me.

Nicole: Listen, Fred! It doesn't MATTER if Trent knew that or not. What the judge is going to ask is whether a SLIME MOLD, sentient or not, constitutes as a "person" by law! And what do you THINK he's going to say?

Fred: Oh.

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