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[[Jason "Fooker" Barker and Nicole Duncan enter Professor Otto Wisebottom's lab. It it trashed. Fooker is carrying a briefcase.]]
Otto: Ah, Mrs. Duncan! Jason! It is most pleasant to see you! Do come in, and please don't mind the mess. My partner's last experiment failed... quite violently, I'm afraid.

Fooker: I'm sorry. Where is your partner?
Otto: At his last known speed and trajectory, I'd say somewhere over Tibet right now. He should be fine so long as he doesn't enter Chinese airspace.

[[The briefcase opens. Fred the slime mold is inside.]]
Otto: Ah, and here's the man of the hour. How are you doing this evening, Fredrick?
Fred: Fine, as long as you keep your tools to yourself.

Otto: Not to worry, my dear colloidal friend! There will be no poking and prodding tonight! Only the meeting of minds on the theories of slime molds and the nature of intelligent life.

[[Fooker seems drawn to the strange machinery.]]
Otto: Step into the lounge and make yourself comfortable. I have pizza -- both fresh and moldy -- waiting. I'll be back after fetching my notes.

Otto: Touch anything and it's back into the Fractal Explorer for you.
Fooker: I'll be good.

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