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[[Scene description. NOTE: this is a colored strip. Fooker, Nicole, and Fred are sitting in Professor Wisebottom's lab. ]]
Professor Wisebottom: Fortunately for you, Fred, your brief stay in our Springfield lab in 2002 produced enough data to eliminate the need for any biological testing.
Fred: Swell...

Professor Wisebottom: While biology is not my area of expertise, I found your results beyond fascinating. You are unlike any of the 650 or so species of myxogastrids and dictyostelids on record, which leads me to believe you are your own unique species.

Professor Wisebottom: In fact, your genetic structure is different from any dna I've ever seen. Perhaps some more in-depth study can - -
Fred: Can you get to some sort of point, prof.?

Professor Wisebottom: Well, if all else fails, I can declare you an endangered species and procure you government protection...
Fred: Considering that I'd fully expect Trent to shoot a bald eagle if he saw one, I'd doubt that would help.

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