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[[Docter Wisebottom and Fooker are looking at Fred, discussing]]
Dr. Wisebottom: While your zoological classification will be of SOME importance to your case, it will be your INTELLIGENCE that will solidify your position.
Fred: So how do we prove my sentience?

[[Close-up of Dr. Wisebottom, heaving his finger in a very scientific way]]
Dr. Wisebottom: Not just SENTIENCE, my friend, but SAPIENCE! It is one thing to feel and suffer, but another to act with intelligence. BOTH will be required to prove you a person in the eyes of the law.

[[Shot from behind dr. Wisebottom, showing Fred raising a "hand" to his "chin"]]
Dr. Wisebottom: We must prove you posssess a conscious mind, with plans, goals, desires, hopes, and fears. We must prove you are self-aware, that you have a personal identity. Only then will the court see you as a being with moral rights and responsibilities.

[[Fred takes up center-stage as he replies to Dr. Wisebottom on the left. In the right, Fooker wispers to Nicole]]
Fred: So you want me to take an IQ test, huh? Suits me fine. I've been wanting to give Marilyn Vos Savant a run for her money for years...
Fooker: No, HE'S not conceited...

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