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Wisebottom speaking, to Fred: Of course, the very nature of intelligence is still hotly debated. And the IQ test is far from perfect. However, it *is* the most accepted and reliable psychological test, and the typical slime mold shouldn't even register as a blip.

Wisebottom: You, of course, are far from typical, and *any* score should provide something. You might also expect to reproduce the result in court to debunk the disbelievers.
Fred: Fine. Let's *prove* I'm a genius and move on.

[[A short while later, Nicole and Fooker check in with Wisebottom...]]
Wisebottom: The test is complete, and I've calculated the result. You two may come back in now.
Nicole: How did Fred do?

Fred, reading results: *139*?!? That's *all*?! You *must* have dropped 70 or more points somewhere!
Wisebottom: He'll be fine once the shock wears off...

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