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[[Professor Wisebottom's Laboratory, The professor, Nicole Duncan, Fred and Fooker are present]]
Prof. Wisebottom: The size of the number is less important than the EXISTENCE of one, Fred! That alone sets you apart from others of your kind...
Fred: Still, I think it should be higher.

Prof. Wisebottom: I want to run a few more psychological and behavioral tests. Properly documented, I think those will go a long way to proving your intelligence to the judge.
Fred: Hrm... Okay.

Prof. Wisebottom: This could take quite a while, so if you'd like to stay, we can let Jason and Mrs. Duncan retire...
Nicole: I can come by and pick you up in the morning.

Fred: How do I know you won't try to dissect me once we're alone?
Prof. Wisebottom (raising his hand as giving an oath): I swear to you on Nikola Tesla's Teleforce Death Ray that my dissection tools will not leave the cabinet.

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