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[[In prof. Wisebottom's lab, prof. Wisebottom is giving Fred back to Nicole. In the background some laboratory glasswork and a computer can be seen. A narrator-box reads: "The next day..."]]
Nicole: Well, how did things go?
Prof. Wisebottom: Very well, and as you can see, he is still in one piece.

[[Shot from behind Fred, as he turns to Prof. Wisebottom]]
Prof. Wisebottom: Remember, I'm ready to testify about all of our experiments. Just give me a call and I'll meet you at the courthouse.
Fred: Thanks, Prof.

[[Shot of Fred walking away with (or more accurately, being carried away by) Nicole]]
Nicole: Well, now. It seems someone has changed his tune with respect to prof. Wisebottom...
Fred: I learned a lot last night, Nicole, about Wisebottom AND myself.

[[Frontal shot of Nicole with Fred in her hand, in the background prof. Wisebottom is leaving]]
Nicole: And about your tests?
Fred: Let's just say Trent and Mercedes can try anything they want. I'm ready for them.

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