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[[Nicole stands inside an elevator. An ominous shadow appears on the wall as the doors open with a]]

[[Mercedes and Nicole eye eachother, Mercedes with a smug smile, Nicole calm and confident]]
Mercedes De La Croix: Good morning, Nicole! Are you ready to negotiate a settlement, or are you still foolish enough to meet me in court?
Nicole Duncan: I think the fool in this case has yet to be determined.

[[Mercedes is now behind Nicole as the elevator rises]]
Mercedes: My, aren't WE smug this morning. One would almost think you actually had a strategy in place...
Nicole: We do, if you must know, and I think I'm no longer the one to be worried.

[[Nicole leaves the elevator, a confident, ominous grin on her face. In the back, Mercedes looks bothered, her arms folded across her chest]]
Nicole: See you in court, Mercedes.

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