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[[Sharon and Fooker are at a concessions stand in a bargain computer show]]
Sharon: So what was this dream about?
Fooker: That's not important. It's just random neurons firing in an unconscious mind.

Sharon: Ooh... that means it's a really bad one...
Fooker: No, no, it's... it's what it got me thinking about that's been bothering me, not the dream itself.

Fooker: I love you, Sharon, and there's no other woman I could see myself being with. But we've had this rocky on-again, off-again relationship, and now that we seem to be on for solid, I can't help wondering...

[[Sharon and Fooker sit with their food]]
Sharon: Are we heading for another break-up?
Fooker: Worse. If Nick and Ki are taking the plunge, does that mean we're next?

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