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[[shows a city in the middle of a blizzard]]
Trudy narrating: I have never believed in fate. There is no such thing as destiny. Providence is only the capital of Rhode Island.

[[A shadowy figure runs through a back alley]]
Trudy narrating: Even when I faced my future self, Ruler of an entire world, I did not believe in it. It was one possible outcome, not guaranteed. Obviously, I proved the guarantee null and void.

[[The figure is revealed as Trudy]]
Trudy narrating: All my life I have manipulated others, but I always felt I was master of my own destiny. The puppeteer, not the puppet.

[[Someone with a gun looks down on Trudy]]
Trudy narrating: But my past torments me. "Friends" I betrayed haunt me. My very sanity is in question; who sees towering maniacal jesters fading in and out of reality?

[[The figure on the roof, revealed as Agent #18, jumps down at Trudy]]
Trudy narrating: Fate, it seems, has had the last laugh. Apparently, it believes in me.

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