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Trudy narrating: They call him Agent #18. I read up on him while I was still with C.R.U.D.E. Next to Fooker and that #12 chick, he's their best.
[[Agent #18's foot lands on Trudy's back]]

Trudy narrating: Why the UGA sent him instead of Fooker, I don't know. Perhaps Fooker would take it too personally.
[[Agent #18 grabs the front of Trudy's jacket]]
#18 takes it personally enough.

Trudy narrating: Over two years on the run has given me the chance to learn how to really fight. I'm not combat trained like him, but I can hold my own.
[[Trudy knees Agent #18 in the groin]]

Trudy narrating: But the cold, hypothermia, the flu in my lungs. I'm slow. My reactions are off. He has the upper hand.
[[Agent #18 punches Trudy in the jaw]]
I'm weak... and he knows it.

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