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[[Agent #18 kicks Trudy]]
Trudy narrating: He has hounded me, nipping at my heels, for months now. Ever since... since I saw *them* together. I should never have gone to see Yoshi.

[[Trudy blocks a blow from Agent #18]]
Trudy narrating: I haven't had a real moment of rest. And ever since I caught that cold, I've been getting sicker and sicker. It's growing harder to fight back.

[[Agent #18 coughs]]
Trudy narrating: But *he* hasn't rested either. His relentless pursuit has kept *him* on the move as well. Maybe, if I'm lucky...

[[Trudy has an evil grin on her face while she kicks Agent #18 upside the head]]
Trudy narrating: Even the strongest soldier cannot fight at his peak when he's ill. The playing field has been leveled somewhat.
{{Trudy gains the upper hand here}}

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