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[[Trudy punches Agent #18 in the face. Both have scratches on their faces]]
Trudy narrating: The blizzard is getting wrose. The streets are deserted, except for a couple of fools. At least we don't have an audience.

[[Agent #18 kicks Trudy in the chest and knocks her against a dumpster]]
Trudy narrating: He may be weakened, but he still has the upper hand. I think a rib's been broken...it's getting harder to breathe.

[[Trudy slumps against the dumpster and reaches for a metal bar]]
Trudy narrating: We're both taking a lot of damage. Our blood mixes in the virgin snow. I need something, some sort of edge...

[[Trudy hits Agent #18 with the bar and knocks his sunglasses off]]
Trudy narrating: Found it.

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