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[[Trudy raises the bar above #18's head as he reaches out]]
Trudy narrating: I swing the heavy metal bar with all my might. I can hear his bones crunching with each blow, but I dare not stop. It could be my only chance.

[[Trudy hits Agent #18 in the face and draws a lot of blood]]
Trudy narrating: The first shot was the luckiest. I caught him unaware, and he didn't have time to block. I must keep swinging until he stops moving. Must keep swinging...

[[Trudy prepares to swing again as Agent #18 lies in his own blood in the snow]]

[[Trudy slumps to her knees near Agent #18]]
Trudy narrating: That's it. I've used all that I had. Now... now it takes all that I have not to collapse. I am beaten... but did I beat him first?

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