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[[Trudy looks at a bloodied agent #18]]
Trudy narrating: I look at his prone form. Did I kill him? No, I can see him still breathing. He'll live, but he'll need reconstructive surgery.

[[Trudy starts to walk away]]
Trudy narrating: I have to put as much distance between us as possible. Even if I avoid any other UGA drones, I can't let myself get caught by local police.

[[Trudy stumbles and falls]]
Trudy narrating: My legs buckle. They can't hold my weight. Pain seizes every part of my body. I craw out of the alley, toward the street, but not much further.

[[Trudy lies on her chest in the snow]]
Trudy narrating: I feel my life slipping from me. Funny... this isn't how I thought it would end, but I can run no more, and my race appears to be finallly over.

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