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[[Trudy lays, injured, on Akhilesh's couch]]
Trudy: I have no idea how long I was out. Hours? Days? Did it really matter?
Trudy: I wake to strange surroundings and the overwhelming fear of being caught.

[[Trudy tries to sit up]]
Trudy: But my body fails me. My attempt to sit up brings sharp pains all over. My detached mind hears the pitiful whimper that escapes my throat.
Trudy: Ngh!

Trudy: It seems I'm not the only one who heard it. A noise from the other room announces his presence.

Trudy: I look around desperately for a weapon, but in my condition I couldn't wield one if I tried. Escape is impossible.

Trudy: I fall back in resignation. My flight is now over. The police are sure to arrive any minute, and the long march to my execution is certain to begin.

[[Akhilesh enters, dressed as a clown and carrying a horn]]
Trudy: Of course, by now I should have learned to expect the unexpected.
Akhilesh: Ah, good! You are finally awake!

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