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[[Trudy lays on Akhilesh's couch. Akhilesh stands nearby, dressed as a clown.]]
Trudy: I could only think of one thing to say...
Trudy: What the @#%&?
Akhilesh: Oh, my! Such language!

Akhilesh: Just for that, young lady, you shall not receive any cookies. They were animal shaped, too...
Trudy: I woke up in the looney bin...

Akhilesh: Oh, no, this is not the bin of loons. It is my apartment! But I will admit it occasionally becomes crazy when I hurl a party! Heh!

Trudy: So when do Bozo and Clarabell show up?
Akhilesh: This is not a bell. It is a horn! And I do not know of this "Bozo" of which you speak.

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