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[[Trudy lays on Akhilesh's couch as he brings a bowl of soup]]
Akhilesh: Ah! You are awake again! And just in time for dinner!

[[Akhilesh gives Trudy the tray with the soup]]
Akhilesh: I am not much of a cook, which is fortunate for you, as all I know how to make is spicy Indian dishes. But I keep canned soup on hand for a friend.

[[Trudy picks up a pill from the tray]]
Trudy: What are these pills?
Akhilesh: An antibiotic and a pain killer. I heard you coughing, and I fear you have pneumonia. Those should help.

Trudy: Do you always keep a small pharmacy in your apartment?
Akhilesh: I am always prepared, like a boy scout! But I can write you a prescription if you feel I must!

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