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[[Trudy eats soup on Akhilesh's couch as Akhilesh looks out the window]]
Trudy: Why did you bring me here? Why didn't you take me to the hospital?
Akhilesh: The blizzard is getting worse. All the roads have been closed.

Akhilesh: In fact, I was on my way home from there when I found you. I wanted to stay, but they sent most of us home when the heating failed.

[[Akhilesh walks away from the window]]
Akhilesh: Fortunately, your injuries are not too severe, and I can treat you here. And with the roads closed, you are forced to stay and recuperate. Doctor's orders.

[[Akhilesh picks up some board games]]
Akhilesh: Now, I do not have a television, but with you here, I finally have someone to play board games with!
Trudy: Oh, thrill.

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