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[[Trudy lays on Akhilesh's couch, playing Sorry with him]]
Trudy: This doctor is so... strange. And not just with his clown suit and obsession with board games...
Akhilesh: Oop! Sorry!

Trudy: I don't know if it is his awkward humor or his odd mannerisms. But I don't feel threatened by him. I should, as he could turn me in at any minute. But I'm not.

Trudy: Perhaps that is why I'm so confused about him. Have I been so manipulative and defensive that I've forgotten what blind trust even looks like? Does he even care what horrors his patient has done?

Trudy: I can feel the weight of sleep creeping upon me again. As I close my eyes, I wonder... does the lamb even know he nurses the wolf back to health?

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