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[[Trudy lays on Akhilesh's couch]]
Trudy: The next few days pass slowly as my body painfully rebuilds itself. Meanwhile, the blizzard continues to bury the city, making my escape even less likely. At least the storm has halted the UGA's search for me.

Trudy: Akhilesh continues to care for me, even though I still refuse to tell him who I am or why I am here. Even when a coworker at the hospital picks him up in a 4x4, he returns at lunch to check up on me.

[[Trudy sits up]]
Trudy: But I don't have the luxury of sanctuary. My rest has emboldened me, and I use his absence to try to move on.

[[Trudy tries to get up, but falls to the floor]]
Trudy: I'm still too weak. I spend hours lying there on the floor until he returns.

[[Akhilesh carries Trudy back to the couch]]
Trudy: And yet he doesn't scold or complain. He simply puts me back on the couch, checks on my bandages, and moves on to fix dinner.

Trudy: He jokes about me being a poor guest, but I can still hear the concern in his voice. How can one care so much for someone they don't even know?

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