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[[Trudy sees images of Ki, Fooker, Chuck, and Dr. Nefarious]]
Trudy: But while my body rests, my mind is still tormented. The dreams are there every single night. Faces haunt me...

[[Trudy sees images of Future Trudy, the Gamester, and Todd]]
Trudy: Three now take prominence. The kid and my future self are easy to understand, but the jester... he begins to surface more and more.

[[Trudy wakes up and still sees a ghostly image of the Gamester]]
Trudy: As usual, I am startled awake by my nightmare. But now I wonder if the line between dream and reality has blurred beyond recognition.

[[Akhilesh sleeps across the room from Trudy]]
Trudy: Have I lost my grip on my sanity? Have I lost touch with the true world and driven myself mad? Either way, what have I become, and what future do I have left?

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