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Trudy Narrating: I don't know what comes over me. I start from the beginning, from my miserable parents, and work my way forward. The tale gushes like an unstoppable torrent.

Trudy Narrating: When I start talking about my future self, I can tell he struggles to comprehend. Betraying Nick is the hardest to share, harder even than how callously I threw away Chuck's life.

Trudy Narrating: When I finish, he stands and walks away. For the first time, I see the tension in his stance, as if he cannot bear to hear any more evil. I expect him to dial 911 and turn me in. I won't stop him.

Trudy Narrating: But, surprisingly, he doesn't. That annoying smile returns, although tempered by... pity? Very softly, he says what I least expect:
Akhilesh: You may never forgive yourself, Trudy, but I forgive you.

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