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[[Trudy takes the Bible.]]
Trudy voiceover: I'm no idiot. A free head start on the UGA is worth contaminating my bag with "Bible cooties," if such a thing exists.

Trudy voiceover: I pack what little I have, shoulder my bag, and open the door. But I can't bring myself to step outside. The weight of my debt swarms over me, and I realize I owe more than I have to give.

[[Trudy turns at the door.]]
Trudy voiceover: But at the least, I must share that little bit I have...
Trudy: Thank you, Akhilesh. For everything.

Trudy voiceover: That stupid smile returns, and I know what he'll say before he says it.
Akhilesh: Goodbye, Trudy. I will be praying for you.

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