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Trudy voiceover: Somehow, by some miracle or twist of fate, I manage to catch a bus out of town without getting caught.

[[The bus is pulling away as Justin Barker and Agent #12 look around the street.]]
Trudy voiceover: Of course, I won't find out until much later how close I came to *not* making it out of town, but the head start grants me a bit more rest.

Trudy voiceover: I mull over the past week, and realize how futile my life has become. My wounds ache slightly, as if to remind me of my ordeal.

[[Trudy looks at the edge of the Bible peeking out of her bag.]]
Trudy voiceover: But I have another reminder, a nagging reminder, and each time I see that burgundy leather cover, I hear his voice and see that goofy smile once more...

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