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[[Akhilesh approaches the hospital where he works.]]
Trudy: (voiceover) I never believed in fate. Providence is only the capital of Rhode Island.

[[Akhilesh smiles as he talks to the grinning female receptionist at the front desk.]]
Trudy: (voiceover) But I'll no longer deny the possibility they may exist. My life is full of far too many coincidences as it is.

[[Akhilesh enters a darkened room, still smiling.]]
Trudy: (voiceover) Somewhere, there is a doctor who prays to his god that I might find love and forgiveness. For all my lack of faith, I hope his faith is stronger.

[[Akhilesh takes the hand of the unknown woman in the hospital bed, a concerned look on his face as he sits.]]
Trudy: (voiceover) If there is a God, He already knows I need all the help I can get.
Akhilesh: (to the unknown woman) Today, we have a new prayer request. I hope you do not mind.
Narrator: End.

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