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[[Metaphor: Nick is surrounded by shark fins labeled Photographer, Florist and Baker, and is under a looming wave labeled WEDDING.]]
Ki: Nick?

Ki: Now that we've talked to the florist, do you want to get fitted for your tux and register from some of our gifts?
Nick: Um, sure. I was just feeling a little overwhelmed.

[[Ki huddles behind Nick]]
Nick: What are you doing?
Ki: That wind is cold! I wish I had remembered to get my hat before we left.

Nick: So you're using me as a human shield?
Ki: At least you're tall enough I can hide behind you.

[[Ki and Nick silhouetted, with leaf blowing by]]

Nick: Heh, so... are you saying you WANT me to break wind?
Ki: Ha ha. Very funny. You don't usually give me an option...

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