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[[Nick and Ki are in a tuxedo shop. The clerk takes Nick to the side]]
Clerk: I take it then that sir is, as you might say, an I
T professional?
Nick: Um, yeah...

[[The clerk shows Nick the "Turbo Tux 6.5"]]
Clerk: Then perhaps sir might be interested in our "Turbo Tux 6.5" model, made especially for tech-savvy gentlemen such as yourself!

Clerk: The bowtie contains a mini web cam for live video feeds to your web site, the cufflinks are wireless radios to keep you and your groomsmen in constant contact, and the vest features the "retro" circuit pattern of the original Intel 286 processor.

Ki: You can't be serious...
Clerk: They were all the rage in the 1990s, before the dot-bomb.
Nick: Ooh... LEDs line the lapel...

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