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[[Nick and Ki are in a tuxedo shop. Nick is looking at the "Turbo Tux 6.5".]]
Ki: And just how much does this "Turbo Tux 6.5" cost?
Clerk: Oh, it's very reasonable with our convenient installment plan.
Nick: Oh! Wifi!

Ki: Installment plan? We're looking to rent it, not buy it.
Clerk: Oh, but the price includes upgrades and maintenance.

Ki: Upgrades? Maintenance?
Clerk: Yes, the Turbo Tux requires regular software updates, as well as battery replacement. Upgrades to new minor versions are also free with the service agreement.

[[Ki drags Nick away from the Turbo Tux]]
Ki: We don't need a tux with a service plan. Show us your luddite offerings.
Nick: But Ki! It has a GPS bride locator!

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