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[[Nick is with Ki at a bridal registry and the clerk gives Ki a barcode scanner]]
Clerk: Just scan the bar code of the items you'd like to register for and return the reader to me when you're done.
Ki: Thanks.

Ki: I suppose I should let you play with the bar code gun...
Nick: If I increase the laser's output by 150 megawatts, it could melt that crystal vase over there...
Ki: Or maybe not.

[[Nick and Ki walk to the china section]]
Ki: So is there any particular china pattern that interests you?
Nick: Eh, they all look the same to me.

[[Ki takes a plate]]
Ki: What about this one?
Nick: Is that price for a whole place-setting?
Ki: No, just the plate.
Nick: Then pass.

Ki: I suppose these are too frou-frou-y for your tastes...
Nick: I don't know, Ki. Honestly, I don't see what's wrong with the plates we each already have...

Ki: First of all, they don't match. Secondly, your current "pattern" is made by Chinet.
Nick: Ah, but they're quality paper plates.

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