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[[Nick and Ki are looking at wedding gifts]]
Nick: Are you okay? Ever since we got here, you've been acting a lot more... um...
Ki: Witchy? Yeah, I noticed too. I'm sorry.

Ki: You were talking earlier about feeling overwhelmed. Well, you're not the only one. Ever since our engagement, I've been caught up in the preparations. There's so much to do, it seems it's all I can think about.

Ki: But it's not just that. I have to handle my father. I feel I have to live up to your parents' expectations. I feel like millions of things that can go wrong will, and I'm in the spotlight, holding the reins. It will be all my fault.

Nick: It couldn't be all your fault. With so many people involved, statistically there's plenty of blame to go around.
Ki: You're not helping.

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