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[[Outside Newton Laboratories South Campus, Fooker is walking with Fred riding on his shoulder.]]
Fooker: I don't get it... Now you're actually _wanting_ to spend time with Prof. Wisebottom?
Fred: Well, Nicole's busy today, and I've gotten to know Otto a lot better lately...

[[Outside Security Check-in]]
Fooker: On a first name basis, too?
Fred: He insisted. He wants me to stop thinking of him as a mad scientist and more as a friend with occasional mad scientific tendencies.
Fooker: Ah. Perfectly understandable.

[[Dr. Germahn and Amanda of El Goonish Shive walk by in the foreground]]
Fred: Besides, ever since my intelligence tests, I've grown more curious about my origins. I know nothing about my existence before I gained consciousness in your apartment.

[[Outside Lab 13, Fooker pressing the buzzer]]
Fooker: And you really think Wisebottom can help you discover that?
Fred: I don't know, but it might be worth trying at least.

[[Giant banana seen in open door surprising Fooker]]

Fooker: Maybe we should come back at a more convenient time...
Otto Wisebottom: Nonsense! You boys are just in time! The banana was going to split!

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