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[Comic for Tuesday, March 22, 2005]


Wisebottom: Okay, okay. Let's get to the _core_ of why you've come here.
Fooker: The _seeds_ of Fred's origins
Fred: GAH!

Wisebottom: All right, that's enough. We're sorry, Fred. Pull up a blueberry and have a seat. I wanted to let you know about an interesting discovery I recently made.

Wisebottom: First, after reviewing the DNA samples from your 2002 lab "vacation," I've concluded that your evolutionary development is extraordinarily unique. Is there a chance I could get a sample of the environment where you were formed?

Fred: Sorry. The FBI confiscated everything in the old place, and Fooker's new apartment just isn't getting "ripe"
Fooker: Sharon's allergies. God, what I do for love...

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