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[[Nick and Fred are heading towards GPF software in the new building]]
Nick: Are you sure that Dwayne asked you to come in today? You're supposed to be telecommuting.
Fred: He's handing out bonuses today, and he can't do that over the phone.

Nick:What about Trent's restraining order? You two aren't supposed to be in the same building.
Fred: Bah. He can get over it. He'll get his bonus, too, so all he'll see today are dollar signs.

[[Trent is showing his paycheck to Sharon]]
Trent: Heh, heh...look at all those zeroes! You can always tell who's a _true_ asset around here...

Sharon: Like your bonus is any bigger than anyone else's.
Trent: You geeks may do all that computery crap, but it's _sales_ that drives the work to you. I'm invaluable!

[[Trent reclines in his office chair]]
Sharon: Without redeeming value is more like it.
Trent: Ridiculous! Geeks are a dime a dozen. Marketing wizards are as precious as diamonds.

[[Trent is looking at his paycheck in his office chair. Fred is forming pseudopods behind him]]
Trent: Now my pretty little check... what kind of wild time are we going to have tonight?

{{Fred uses his powers of "remote control" on Trent, and has by now mastered halting his vocalizations}}

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