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[[Fooker, Ki, Nick, Fred, and an angry Sharon are assembled]]
Fooker: So you used that "Remote control" thing to make Trent do all those weird things?
Fred: Heh. Yeah, and he deserved it. And, um, sorry, Sharon.

Ki: Neither Nicole nor Mercedes are going to be happy with this...
Fred: It was worth it. There's nothing de la Chump can throw at me that I'm worried about.

Nick: Still, that's such an odd ability. I wonder why you have it...
Fred: Who cares? I'm just trying to find interesting uses for it, which reminds me...

Fred: Fooker, do you think Persephone and I can borrow yours and Sharon's bodies for a while? There's something we want to try.
Fooker: Sure, I--
Sharon: NO.

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