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[[Sharon and Fooker meet Dexter in the parking lot]]
Sharon: So, did Nick tell you why he wanted us to come over so quickly, Dex?
Dexter: Nope. He just insisted I drop eveything and get over here ASAP.

Sharon: You weren't... _busy_, were you? I thought I heard a woman's voice in the background over the phone...
Dexter: Must have been the, um, TV. Yeah...

[[The group is walking down the hall towards Nick's apartment.]]
Fooker: Well, even though the molds moved back in with me, Nick's had Fred over here every night this week, and he's not happy about it.
Sharon: I wonder what's up.

Fooker: I don't know, but I'm starting to get that weird vibe I always get every time I go to see Prof. Wisebottom.
Dexter: What's what?

[[The group, looking into Nick's apartment, are all startled.]]
Fooker: It smells of mad science.
[[Nick and Ki are dressed in matching super-hero style costumes, his with matching gold glasses, hers with tiara and a bare midriff. They look suspiciously like outfits from the Portuguese alternate universe in Sluggy Freelance. Fred the slime mold stands (sits?) between them.]]
Nick: Great! Now try it in Portuguese...

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