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[[Ki, dressed in a "Sluggy Freelance Portuguese alternate universe" style costume, storms past Sharon and Fooker.]]
Sharon: What's with the costume party?
Fooker: And where can I get one of those outfits for Sharon?

[[Ki slams the door behind her]]
Nick [[wearing a matching outfit to Ki's, complete with gold glasses]]: Actually that's part of why I called you guys here, although I have a sneaking suspicion I'll have to alter my plans a bit.

Nick [[putting on his regular glasses]]: You see, I finally found out what happened with the MUTEX, and--
Fooker: Hold on. What's this "MUTEX?"
Sharon: Nick's virtual reality machine.

Nick: Not anymore! Now it's an interdimensional transporter!
Fooker [[sardonically]]: Ah, makes perfect sense. A logical next step.

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