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[[Dexter, Fooker, Sharon, and Nick are all in Nick's apartment.]]
Dexter: So where exactly do *we* fit into all this?
Nick: Well, I've reached a point where it needs a serious test, and I thought I'd share it with my friends.

Sharon: After what happened the last time, you'll forgive *me* if I'm a little leery.
Nick: Don't worry. The MUTEX is completely self-contained now, so it can't be hacked. It's completely safe.

Nick[[typing at the terminal, as Fred the slime mold looks on]]: In fact, I can even create a pocket universe, separate and with a closed set of parameters. That should limit the number of things that could potentially go wrong.

Fooker: *Create* a *universe*? Since when did you develop a God complex?
Nick: Who's to say we don't exist as a product of someone else's imagination?

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