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Fooker: So... do we need to go Halloween shopping for this trip, or were you and Ki just getting kinky when we arrived?
Ki[[coming in the door, now dressed in regular clothes]]: Shut up, Fooker.

Nick[[handing Dexter a MUTEX helmet]]: Well, I was planning a trip to another dimension, but this pocket one should be close enough to ours that we won't need camouflage. These outfits should be acceptable.

Nick: As usual, Fred has control here, and now I have a device so I can access the console from anywhere. So either way, we should have an instant escape route home.
[[Nick holds the device, as Fred the slime mold looks on.]]

[[Nick hands a MUTEX helmet to Sharon. Fooker is already wearing his helmet.]]
Sharon: Why do I have this dreaded feeling like I know I should know better than to do this?
Nick: Relax, Sharon! What could possibly go wrong?

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