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[[The Gamester is speaking with a man-sized flea. The flea is dressed in an outfit that looks vaguely like Robin's, from Batman and Robin.]]
Flea: *Gamester*! I should have known! What do you want with me *this* time, clown?
Gamester: Now, now, Dermis. All in good time...

[[Mischief breaks in.]]
Mischief: Boss! We've got double trouble! It's Todd *and* his father!
Gamester: Both? Their timing is impeccable.

Mischief: Todd's on that assignment you sent him on, but he's in danger! And Nick's firing up his multiplex thingy!
Gamester: Todd is on his own, I'm afraid. The MUTEX must come first.

Flea: Hey! You pull me here out of my time stream and now yer gonna *ignore* me? What gives?
Gamester: Patience, Prof. There are bigger bugs to squash at the moment than you.

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