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Gamester: He believes he's created a "pocket universe," but he's established a link with a pre-existing one his subconscious has already tapped into. Call up that sphere.
[[The Gamester stands at a large glowing pinkish sphere, while a smaller greenish one comes towards Mischief. The man-sized flea in a super-hero costume stands in the background, watching, apparently forgotten.]]

Gamester: Have you set up an isolation field?
Mischief: I tried, Boss, but he bridged the gap before it finished initializing.
[[Both Gamester and Mischief speak from off-stage. A thin line of light now connects the large pinkish sphere to the smaller green sphere. The flea stands looking at the spheres.]]

Gamester: Then there's not much we can do now. We'll isolate these two universes and hope things go as innocently as the last time. The worst that can happen is...
[[The flea sticks his hand into the green sphere.]]

Gamester: ... an unknown element.
[[The flea walks into the green sphere.]]

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