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Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[Dexter, Sharon, Ki, and Fooker are all wearing MUTEX helmets. Nick holds his, ready to put it on.]]
Nick: Everyone set? Good. Let's fire this puppy up.
Fooker: I wonder which of us will have the worst "helmet hair"...

[[Fred the slime mold is at the console wearing a headphone
mic, ready to press the red button. Nick speaks to him from off-stage.]]
Nick: Fred, lock onto our bio-signs and pull us back if anything goes wrong. Initiate the transfer...
Fred: Nice knowing you...

red swirly sight effect.]]

[[Dexter, Sharon, Fooker, Ki, and Nick are now in a city park; tall buildings in the background behind thick trees. The strip title appears in large, heroic letters above their heads, with the bylines "created by Jeffrey T. Darlington
Special guest colorist: Meaghan E. Quinn." Our five friends look radically different - more of a super-hero comic book look. Fooker and Nick have buff physiques. Nick's face is somewhat like Clark Kent. Fooker's hair is extra bushy, with three locks that spike out over his forehead.]]
Sharon: Um... *this* is just a little bit... *different*...

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