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[Comic for Tuesday, April 12, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[Dexter, Sharon, Fooker, Ki, and Nick stand in a city park.]]
Sharon: So, if this world is based on your comics, that makes us super heroes, doesn't it?
Nick: Super heroes, yes. But we're currently in our "secret identities," so we can't go "super" in a public park.

Dexter, excitedly: *Super heroes*?! I can overlook the fourth finger for *that*! Quick! What are my powers!
Nick: I... don't know yet. Fooker, Ki, and I each had an analogous character, as did Dwayne and Trudy, but I stopped A.I.M. before you and Sharon joined GPF Software.

Dexter: But you knew me *before* then. I'm sure you came up with *something* kewl for me back then...
Nick, embarrassed: Well, I *did* have something in mind. But... er, maybe we should discuss this somewhere more private...

[[Dexter, Ki, and Nick begin to walk away]]
Dexter: Awesome! Do we have an uberspiffy group transport? Secret communicators? Are we going to our hidden lair? Is it in space? Or maybe it's in the center of the earth...?
Fooker, privately to Sharon: I'm sure glad I'm the only ex-spy around here...
Sharon: I think Dex's head would explode if *he* were James Baud instead of you.

Dexter: What about toys? Do we have action figures made after us? A Saturday morning cartoon? I hope and pray there's a lunchbox, and it better be "retro" metal and not plastic...
[[As the five walk away into the background, in the foreground, appearing through the very fabric of reality, is the man-sized flea wearing a super suit, last seen in the April 9, 2005 strip.]]

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