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Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[At the A.I.M. headquarters, a building by the seashore which is made of the capital letters A, I, and M...]]
Nick: This is the headquarters of the Absolutely Incredibles, home of Absolutely Incredible Man and his super powered companions.
Fooker: Somehow, I keep expecting the Teen Titans to sue for copyright infringement...
Dexter: Or Captain Carrot and his amazing Zoo Crew.
Fooker: Captain who?
Dexter: Never mind.
Nick: Fooker and Ki will find their costume bracelets in their rooms. I'll have the computer fashion new ones for Dex and Sharon once we finalize your powers.

Fooker, looking at his costume bracelet: So how do these doodads work?
Nick: Tap the logo once and it'll act as a communicator. Tap it twice to activate the "costumizer." It works like a Star Trek transporter and exchanges your street clothes for your super hero costumes instantly.

[[Fooker and Ki both try out the "costumizer" function.]]
Fooker: Shaweet! I've got plasma fractal pajamas!
Sharon, wincing and closing her eyes: Close that jacket! Your suit is hurting my eyes!
[[Ki's costume is extremely form-fitting.]]
Ki: At least you didn't get an atomic wedgie!

Sharon, to Nick: Can I make a request? No Spandex for my costume, please...
Nick: Um, I'll see what I can do. If you haven't noticed, *every* fabric here has at least a little Spandex in it.
[[While the others have been talking, Dexter has been having a look around the headquarters. Now he comes up to Nick, very angry.]]
Dexter: Can *I* make a request? I want to break Nick's drawing hand in six different places...

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