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Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


Sharon: Dex, what's wrong?
Dexter: What's wrong? *Nick* knows, don't you, Nick? He knew all along! That's why he *pretended* he never made me a character!
Nick: Dex, it's not like that...
Dexter: It's not? Your computer says otherwise!

[[Dexter points to a drawing in the background, depicting a man of his proportions, wearing body armor and carrying some kind of spear.]]
Nick: I stopped drawing it years ago! We weren't friends back then!
Dexter: It's bad enough Ki's fantasy book had me as a stupid troll, and now *this*? You guys sure had a high opinion of me...

Ki: Relax, Dexter... Sure, we had some rough spots in the past, but we've all grown since then, especially you. Don't hold it against Nick if his *old* opinions weren't flattering.
[[Dexter is still angry, with a dark cloud over his head.]]
Nick: Besides...

Nick: Now you can be the repentant villian turned hero! Saved from the ways of evil, but still haunted by his dark side... Anti-heroes *always* make the kewlest characters...
Dexter, brightening: You're... right!

Sharon: Well, that leaves us with two questions. First, who am I and what do I do?
Nick: I don't know. I think the MUTEX will extrapolate a character design based on my artwork.

Nick: And the second question?
Sharon: What's that flashy thingy?
[[Fooker peers at a large red button flashing on a console.]]
Fooker: It's red and buzzing, so my guess is nothing good.

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