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[Comic for Friday, April 15, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[At the Absolutely Incredible Man headquarters, Fooker, Sharon, Nick, Ki, and Dexter look at a large monitor on the wall. The monitor shows a map of the local area. A red bulls-eye pinpoints where there is a problem. There is writing on the monitor, which Nick is reading to the group.]]
Nick: The crisis monitor! That means the city is in peril!
Fooker: Gee, that sounds like a job of a bunch of super heroes!
Nick: The computer can't identify the threat, but places it in the city park.
Ki: Where we first arrived? That's odd. Well, what's next?

Nick: Dex, Sharon, and I still need to change. Then we'll fly over there and check it out. Tap your bracelets, folks!
Dexter: Here goes...

[[Dexter's costume is very much like the drawing of the man in body armor in the previous strip. Its colors are mostly grays with some dark red.]]
Dexter: All right! I'm all dark and menacing!
Sharon, off-screen: No, no, no, no, *NO*!
Nick: Sharon?

[[Sharon's costume includes a tie-dyed mini-shirt that shows plenty of bare midrift, yellow Spandex pants, a green headband flattening her hair, and very small 60's-style granny glasses.]]
Sharon: Nick, what the Sam Hill is THIS?
Nick: Well, I guess since Fooker is the Psychedelic Maelstrom, and the MUTEX knew you were his girlfriend, that makes you... "Hippie Chick?"
Sharon: Ki, I hate to tell you, but your wedding is *off*. Because in ten seconds, you won't have a *groom*...

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