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[Comic for Saturday, April 16, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: John S. Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[For the first time, we see Nick's Absolutely Incredible Man costume in full. It is yellow Spandex with the red letters "AIM" on his chest, blue cape and briefs, and a yellow cowl with a red stripe and blue triangles coming over the top of his head. The cowl form-fits to his scalp, obliterating his usual hair profile.]]
[[Sharon is still scowling, not happy with her "Hippie Chick" costume. Fooker, next to her, looks on admiringly. He obviously likes her costume very much.]]
Nick: There's no time to recalibrate the reality matrix. This isn't like a "Holodeck" program we can pause.
Nick: We've got to move... and fast!

Ki: Not to put a damper on things, but shouldn't we at least *practice* using our super powers before engaging in combat?
Sharon: I don't even know what my powers *are*...
Nick: Don't worry...

Nick: I'll explain on the way!
[[The five fly out from the A.I.M. headquarters. Nick flies a la Superman. Dexter's boots create a green energy, enabling him to fly, and he now carries a staff or spear with what looks like a huge green gem at the tip. Ki holds her hands behind her, creating an energy that enables her to fly. And Fooker holds his hand out before him, creating a psychedelic stream on which he and Sharon stand and "surf."
Narration box: "Mischief, we have another problem..."

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