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Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[The Absolutely Incredible team flies to the city park.]]
Nick: There's the park!
Nick: But... I don't see anything out of the ordinary...

Sharon, flying with Fooker: Um, Nick...
Nick: Don't use our real names when we've gone "super!" Use our character handles instead!
Sharon: Whatever. We've got a small problem...
Nick: We'll deal with it once we're on the ground!

[[Beginning their descent...]]
Sharon: That's just it. I don't think we know--
Nick: I'll cover more about your powers when we land! Trust me!
Sharon: I'm trying to *tell* you--

<<KERASH tinkle tinkle>>

Sharon: As I was trying to say...
Sharon: You told us how to *fly,* but not how to *land.*
[[Aftermath of the "landing." Fooker is rear-end upwards over a park bench with Sharon on the ground beside him. Ki is swinging by her cape from the outstretched sword of the park's statue. And Dexter has plowed up an impressive rut across the grassy park lawn. Nick has a rather large, embarrassed "oopsy" grin on his face.]]

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