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[Comic for Wednesday, April 20, 2005]

Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[Nick, as Absolutely Incredible Man, socks the man-sized flea in the jaw.]]
Nick: Hold it right there, fiend!

Nick: I don't know who or what you are...
Nick: but no more terrorizing innocents for you!
[[Nick's punch sends the flea backwards, plowing about a ten-foot trench into the ground.]]

[[The flea gets to his feet again.]]
Flea: Terrorizing innocents? Ya know, it's not exactly polite accusing people when you haven't been properly introduced.
Flea: So let me introduce myself...

Flea: You can call me...
[[Moving at astonishing speed, the flea runs towards Nick and kicks him in the chin.]]
Flea: The Inexplicable SPECK!

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