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Special Guest Colorist: Jodie Troutman of Troutcave Comics


[[Dexter, Ki, Fooker, and Sharon stand looking on as Nick, aka Absolutely Incredible Man, battles the four-foot super-powered flea, the Inexplicable Speck!]]
Dexter: Kewl! His power must be super speed!
Ki: Nick sure is throwing himself into this role...
Fooker: Is "inexplicable" even a real word?

[[The Speck! with his super speed is running circles around Absolutely Incredible Man, punching him from every angle. While the other four talk.]]
Sharon: What I don't get is that while this "Speck" guy is certainly weird, he doesn't strike me as all that... villainous.
Ki: What do you mean?
Sharon: No offense to Nick's story telling abilities, but everything here so far seems a little bit too cliche.

[[The Speck! now has Absolutely Incredible Man by the cape and is swinging him around.]]
Sharon: This guy doesn't seem to fit the super villain mold: on the contrary, he looks and acts more like a *hero*. And if you think about it, what's the first thing two heroes do in a lame crossover? There's a big misunderstanding and they get in a fight!
Nick: A little... *help* here, please?

Fooker: Cliche or not, we ought to get over there and give Nick a hand...
Ki: Are you coming, Sharon?
Sharon: Are you kidding?
Sharon: First, Nick never finished explaining our powers. Second, if you ask me, the *real* villain is going to show up...

[[As the other three run to Nick's aid, Sharon looks back -- to find a very large metallic-looking claw poised over her head.]]
Sharon: ... any minute.

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